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Sierra Pregnancy and Health’s (SPH) patient advocates are here to help you through the decisions associated with an unplanned pregnancy. When you visit SPH we will provide you with a pregnancy test. You will then meet with a patient advocate one-on-one, or with your partner, to review your concerns, process your situation and answer any questions you may have. Our care network is full of resources that can support your pregnancy help you ensure your health and well-being.  Sierra Pregnancy and Health provides the following services.  ALL SERVICES ARE FREE OF CHARGE.

Services Provided:
Free pregnancy testing: Clinical-grade urine pregnancy testing
Confirmation of pregnancy through ultrasound exams
Patient advocacy and education for your pregnancy needs including decision support
Men's patient advocacy and education for father of the baby
Information on medical insurance, doctors, housing, food, clothing and financial needs
Quick referrals to OB care
Services Not Provided:
Abortion Services
Emergency Birth Control
Ongoing prenatal care