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At Sierra Pregnancy + Health, we recognize that women and men may experience unresolved feelings following an abortion. These feelings may surface right away or may not appear until years later. Grief following an abortion is rarely discussed or acknowledged, which often makes it harder to verbalize unresolved feelings. Through one-on-one support or by joining a support group, many women have been deeply changed through our care network.

By acknowledging that each person goes through the process in a unique way, our care network provides pathways for healing that will suit your style and comfort level. You will have a chance to meet privately with a staff member who provide a safe space to process an abortion or you can take part in a support group.

Support groups are safe and confidential environments for individuals to speak openly about their past abortions with others who share similar experiences. The purpose of the groups is to provide a progressive path to healing and restoration. Biblical scripture is used to facilitate healing and hope, but women from all faith backgrounds and from no faith background at all are welcome.

If you are dealing with troubling emotions or unhealthy behaviors that might stem from a pregnancy termination, please call or text us at 916.624.8990 today.  You may also wish to visit the confidential website to explore Healing Pathways and read stories anonymously posted by men and women who have been touched by abortion.

Abortion Changes You

Sierra Pregnancy & Health (SPH) does not offer or refer for abortions or emergency birth control. This information is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered professional medical advice.